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Package delivery measures Covid-19

Posted by Sijmen 14/07/2020 0 Comment(s) News,

Unfortunately, as everywhere on the website, there are delays because people have to work according to the RIVM guidelines. This means that employees stay at home if they are unwell and have to work with distances everywhere.

These measures are currently causing delays in deliveries, starting with wholesalers and working through to the parcel service at your door. It is therefore possible that it takes a few days before our stock is replenished. When your order has been shipped you will automatically receive a message.

Therefore, please take into account a few days delay.

We hope for your understanding.

Due to the crowds, we are not available by phone. You can contact us by e-mail.

Various parcel services have now taken measures to prevent contamination and spread. Packages are no longer handed over. The deliverer keeps 1.5 meters away from the receiver. The delivery person rings the bell and puts the shipment on the ground, he or she waits for the recipient to receive it remotely. In wet weather, the delivery person will ring the bell and hold the shipment in hand. As soon as the recipient opens, the delivery person asks to distance himself and put the shipment over the threshold and dry inside.

According to the previously announced measure, our delivery person signs after receipt by the recipient by noting the last 3 characters of the identification.

Until now there is still the possibility to pick up from us. We do ask you to keep some distance and to follow the hygiene measures. We prefer online payment (ideal or credit card, paypal, etc. Paying by pin is still possible, cash payment has not been possible with us for some time.

Note: In case the shops suddenly have to close, we will cancel all orders that are ready for collection. If this happens, you can place the order again and choose to send.

The government in Belgium has announced new measures against the spread of the corona virus. So far we deliver packages as you are used to from us. The new measure of the Belgian government to close non-essential shops from March 18 at 12:00 has the consequence that part of the PostNL points in Belgium are closed. This affects webshops that send packages to Belgium.

Packages at PostNL points in Belgium
Packages that have not been picked up before March 18 12:00, will be stored at the PostNL collection point. Postnl does everything to find a solution for this. Packages that are currently on their way to closed PostNL points will be returned to the sender.

Home delivery in Belgium
A second attempt to offer applies in Belgium. If a consumer cannot receive the package during the second delivery attempt, this package will be sent to a PostNL point that remains open. Consumers are informed so that they can pick up their package at the relevant location.

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