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JBL ProAqua test lab

JBL ProAquaTest Lab Koi Professional test case for water analyses in koi and garden ponds. Monit..

€106.80 Ex Tax: €88.26

Test CombiSet Pond 2-5 Days

Test CombiSet Pond

The most important water tests for garden ponds Simple and professional checking with 6 very p..

€40.85 Ex Tax: €33.76

Testlab Koi 2-5 Days

Testlab Koi

Professional test case for koi and garden ponds Simple and reliable control of the water value..

€87.40 Ex Tax: €72.23

Phosphate Test Kit PO4 2-5 Days

Phosphate Test Kit PO4

Quick test to determine the phosphate content Controls the water values in koi ponds simply an..

€12.50 Ex Tax: €10.33

JBL Proscan

Water analysis and diagnosis via smartphone: easy and safe control of the water values in freshwa..

€20.75 Ex Tax: €17.15