SuperBead Small Green 50006

2-5 Days SuperBead Small Green 50006 Air-Aqua

SuperBead Small Green

The SuperBead combines a fine mechanical filtration with an organic.

The SuperBead is used for (Koi-/zwem-) ponds and swimming pools. The filter is characterized by another rinse process than ordinary Beadfiltersystemen and sand filters.

Some advantages of the SuperBead:

suitable for energy efficient pumps

easy to use

no additional air pumps (wear, maintenance and prone to moisture/water)

excellent biological filtration

less energy consumption

easy to automate

Brief description of the operation

the-coarse voorgefilterde-water is pumped into the filter

the grains at the top and are still driving

keep the fine dirt grains to 20 micron

at the surface of the grains, the biological filtration place

the trapped dirt is regularly removed by rinsing the filter

rinsing is optional easy to automate

The sand lover form of the SuperBead provides:

quiet water flow through the filter

good distribution of the water through the filter bed


prevent blind spots

Rinse Process Beadfilters

Each Beadflter is characterized by a rinsing. The trapped dirt particles should be rinsed from the filter. The Superbead is designed specifically for this rinse process unlike modified sand filters.

Modified sand filters:

have stronger water pumps needed (= more energy) for normal operation

have more resistance and larger-more expensive-pumps needed

use a 6-way spool valve: complicated control

use an external air blower to rinse: not outside operated-vulnerable

have risk of damage to rinse thoroughly-biology

consume a lot of rinse water per flush

have small connections of 50/63 mm (= stronger pump = energy costs)

The SuperBead:

works with energy efficient low pressure pumps

damages the biology not during rinsing

uses little rinse water (Small +/-150 liter | Large +/-400 litres)

has high flows at low pressure (Small max. 17.5 m3/hour | Large max. 35 m3/hour)

has large biological capacity (Small 400 grams/day | Large 1 kg/day)

has large connectors of 63/90 (Small)/90 mm (Large)

is easy to rinse (pump off and discharging)

is easy to automate

Pumps and energy saving

One of the biggest advantages of the SuperBead t.o.v. other sand/beadflters is the right pump pressure. It is at the SuperBead very possible with low pressure (very energy efficient) pumps to work as FlowFriend and Air-Aqua pumps. Modified sand filters often have the 2-to 4-fold to pump power needed to net the same amount of water through the filter to pump.


A SuperBead filter has a filtration system, such as the SuperSieve (except in a binnenbassin). The SuperBead is easy to places, both under and above the water level. Also, the SuperBead basin are simply further, if properly take into account the pipe diameters. Because it is a closed filter, indoor installation of the filter no moisture, odor and insect problems. Because the SuperBead no electrical components, such as a blower, he can also easily be placed outside.

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