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Fish Pharma Triclam 150g 31099199

2-5 Days Fish Pharma Triclam 150g 31099199 Fish Pharma

Fish Pharma Triclam 150g


Against skin and gill flukes (gyrodactylus and dactylogyrus).

Directions for use: For skin worms, dissolve 4 grams per 1000 liters in advance in 1 liter of pond water and spread over the pond. Switch off UVC and ozone installation during treatment (for 6 days).
Use the same dose for gill flukes and repeat on the 6th day. Then leave the UVC and ozone installation off for another 6 days.

This treatment is not harmful to the filter, so you can continue to feed during this treatment.
Active Ingredient: Fenbendazole and Triclabendazole.
Keep dry.
Keep out of reach of children.

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