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Velda pond protection

Velda pond protection
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Velda Utra protector electric wire 2-5 Days
Velda laser guard 2-5 Days

Velda laser guard

Protects your pond fish against herons and other invaders Colorful fish in a clear pond are easy ..

€241.05 Ex Tax: €199.21

Velda herron stop spinner

This Heron Stop Spinner protects your pond fish by scaring the eyes of a bird of prey and the light ..

€38.70 Ex Tax: €31.98

Velda herron stop reflector 2-5 Days

Velda herron stop reflector

The Heron Stop Reflector protects your pond fish with a double effect. through the depicted ey..

€26.60 Ex Tax: €21.98

Velda pond protector 2-5 Days

Velda pond protector

Velda introduces a new, highly efficient method to keep herons and cats away from the pond. Tensioni..

€84.15 Ex Tax: €69.55

Velda pound protector electric wire Long Delivery Time Ask First!!!