FD Food

FD Food

Distinctive character: QUALITY

What growers know for years is now finally accessible to the koihobbyist.

FD Food is a Japanese quality enter what is used by breeders in Japan including the top 20 57 growers such as Momotaro, Sakai, Matsue and Dainichi. By the unique collaboration with the greatest FD Food has reached the unreachable, koikwekers feeder which is completely balanced for optimal growth and development of your koi. In the development phase is the FD Food by these growers at the farms tested in laboratories instead of, as a result, it is possible the best recipe to find what suits the need of the fish in their natural environment.

Through the knowledge of the growers of their fish it is possible to maintain the highest possible quality and constant adjustments in the recipe when necessary. No other feed has this capability whereby FD Food continuous a big lead on the other brands such as Hikari, Medicarp Nobori and.

You will therefore not surprising that 80% of the top breeders choose FD Food:
Momotaro Koi Farm, Matsue Nishikigoi Center, Omosako Koi Farm, Taniguchi Koi Farm, Yamatoya Koi Farm, Okawa Koi Farm, Ueno Koi Farm, Ando Koi Farm (Rikoen), Dainichi Koi Farm, Hoshikin Koi Farm, Otani Nishikigoi, Muro Koi Farm, Maruyama Koi Farm, Murata Koi Farm Hiroi, Koi Farm (Conias), Isa Koi Farm, Yamamatsu Koi Farm (Matsunosuke), Kawakami Koi Farm, Hosokai Koi Farm, Yagenji Koi Farm , Shintaro Koi Farm, Oya Koi Fam (Kataoka), Kokugyo Koi Farm Can, Marusei (Hirasawa), Nagoshi Koi Farm, Maru Koi Farm.

-Always the freshest Japanese enter
-100% natural ingredients
-The largest growers use it as only enter
-koikwekers 57 koifarms of Japan which use the 20 best FD Food
-Exclusively available at the best koispeciaalzaken
-Research and development done in and by the breeders
-The only feed which constantly developed.
-FD Food gives a clear improvement in the development of the koi and provides a stunning display of colour.