Sander Ozone

Sander Ozone

Benefits of a protein skimmer:
-Air bubbles are used as filter material
-Remove protein compounds and other organic material from the water cycle
-Decrease the formation of ammonia, nitrite, nitrate and phosphate
-Remove blurring substances
-Allows for intensive enrichment with oxygen
-Ensures optimal ozone reaction

What is ozone, and what does it do?
Ozone is a naturally occurring, particularly active form of oxygen. It is therefore also often active oxygen. While under normal conditions oxygen from 2 atoms, ozone is a connection of 3 oxygen atoms. This third oxygen atom has only a weak connection, and will rapidly in water making the other 2 atoms. Building for a short time, an average of 1 minute in pond water, the strong oxidizing atomic oxygen that has a particularly positive effect on the pond water. After this oxidation remains only the ordinary oxygen still on and be there so no environmental foreign substances added to the water.

Ozone benefits:
-Inhibits pathogens
-Makes water crystal clear
-Inhibits the development of algae
-The formation of ammonia against
-The formation of nitrite against
-Supports the operation of the biological filter
-Breaks down organic material
-Breaking the yellow coloring in the water off

Improve both jointly important elements the water quality significantly. The used filter system works more stable and
more evenly. Peak loads of pathogens and harmful substances are clearly reduced or completely avoided. The
perfect complement for each filter system.
Sander Aquarientechnik has a very good reputation in the market. They build for decades professional Protein skimmers and
ozone plants for private and public use. The following is a list of models that have been built over the years.