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PrimaKoi Food Base 10kg FBnv0591

PrimaKoi Food Base 10kg FBnv0591 PrimaKoi Food

PrimaKoi Food Base 10kg

For healthy and beautiful koi

Primakoi Base is a full quality cow rifle that maintains the condition and colors of your koi. Primakoi Base is a fair base feed that provides healthy, nice and beautiful koi and can be run all year long. Stop feeding at water temperatures below 4 ° C.
The grains stay floated for a long time, so you can see if all your koi is eating well. Do not eat at a time than your koi can eat in five to ten minutes. Primakoi Base is well digestible and does not pollute the water; That also gives less trouble for your filter.
Primakoi Base enhances the colors of your koi (with astaxanthine) and makes your fish look beautiful.
The quality of Primakoi is guaranteed until the expiration date (if the packaging is not opened and the food is properly stored).

Composition: fishmeal and fish oil; Wheat, wheat flour and wheat gluten, soy sauce of defatted and toasted soya.
Analysis: crude protein 33.0%, crude as 6.3%, crude fat 4.0%, crude fiber 3.2%, phosphorus 0.9%, calcium 0.7%, sodium 0.1%
Vitamins: A 10,000 IU / kg, D3 1,000 IU / kg, E 200 mg / kg, C (stable) 150 mg / kg
Antioxidants: E324 Ethoxyquin 100 mg / kg, E321 butylhydroxytoluene 50 mg / kg
Micro elements: E1 iron (iron sulfate monohydrate) 75 mg / kg, E2 iodine (anhydrous calcium iodate) 5.0 mg / kg, E3 cobalt (basic cobalt carbonate monohydrate) 1.0 mg / kg, E4 copper (copper sulfate pentahydrate) 5.0 mg / kg , E5 manganese (manganese oxide) 20 mg / kg, E6 zinc (zinc sulfate monohydrate) 80 mg / kg, E8 selenium (sodium selenite) 0.3 mg / kg
Dye: E161j astaxanthine 5.0 mg / kg. Digestibility: about 80%.
Contains fish meal and / or soluble side protein and preservatives. Keep dry and cool.

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