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Velda All clear liquid 250 ml

All Clear Liquid is the liquid alga fighter for ponds. The new version is small & powerful and c..

€19.40 Ex Tax: €16.03

Velda Clear line UV-C 18 watt

Floating algae will turn your pond water green. An unpleasant effect is that oxygen plants stop grow..

€212.95 Ex Tax: €175.99

Velda Duo pond tool

Product will not be shipped. ..

€42.80 Ex Tax: €35.37

Velda floating plant island Ø 25 cm

With these floating plant baskets you can add an impressive island to your pond. The baskets are fit..

€11.90 Ex Tax: €9.83

Velda Green line 5000

The Green Line dirty-water pumps are manufactured in line with the latest insights and technical adv..

€230.05 Ex Tax: €190.12

Velda Hose nozzle set for Clear control 25/50/75

Remark: The photo shows three hose pillars. However, there are only two in the package. ..

€33.05 Ex Tax: €27.31

Velda Lelite 10 Liter

Lelite is a nutrient soil specially formulated for water lilies. It contains blue clay and dried pea..

€12.35 Ex Tax: €10.21

Velda Overgrowing mat 110x105 cm

Natural transition With this vegetation mat you make a beautiful transition between the bank edge a..

€14.70 Ex Tax: €12.15

Velda pond skimmer rotor

Rotor for Pond skimmer pump <2021 ..

€14.10 Ex Tax: €11.65

Velda UV-C filter 7/9 watt hose nozzle set

2x input grommet 15/20/25 mm + 2x output grommet 32 mm ..

€9.30 Ex Tax: €7.69