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Peat blocks 2-5 Days
Ultra protector 2-5 Days

Velda All clear liquid 250 ml

All Clear Liquid is the liquid alga fighter for ponds. The new version is small & powerful and c..

€15.25 Ex Tax: €12.60

Velda Clear line UV-C 18 watt

Floating algae will turn your pond water green. An unpleasant effect is that oxygen plants stop grow..

€150.00 Ex Tax: €123.97

Velda covernet 2 x 3 mtr 2-5 Days

Velda covernet 2 x 3 mtr

These cover nets for ponds are ideal for catching leaves and branches in the fall and scares herons ..

€15.65 Ex Tax: €12.93

Velda Cross-Flow Biofil + Uv-c 18 Watt 2-5 Days

Velda Cross-Flow Biofil + Uv-c 18 Watt

The Cross-Flow Biofill from Velda is a flow-through filter with several chambers that are filled wit..

€237.15 Ex Tax: €195.99

Velda drijvende planteiland 25cm Rond

Floating plant island With these floating plant baskets you can add an impressive island to your po..

€8.65 Ex Tax: €7.15

Velda Duo Pond tool

Regular maintenance is required to keep the pond in good condition. Dead plant parts, blown twigs an..

€31.45 Ex Tax: €25.99