VT Super fountainpump 400

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VT Super fountainpump 400

The splashing effect of a fountain in the pond sets the water in motion and is great to see. It becomes even better when the pond water is filtered at the same time, in an invisible way under water. And when the fountain is illuminated in the evening in the crystal clear water, the picture of the perfect pond is complete!

Filter with built-in pump and UV-C
With this compact Filter Fountain you have the most complete all-in-1 product for ponds up to 6000 liters of water. The 2000 l / h pump transports the water through the filter materials, past the 11 Watt UV-C lamp and then through the fountain back into the pond.

The water in this all-in-1 filter fountain is cleaned in three phases:
The first phase is mechanical. The visible dirt particles are removed by filter foam.
The second phase is organic. The attachment of microorganisms is stimulated with the help of biofilter balls and ceramic filter pipes. These microorganisms remove organic components from the pond water.
The third phase consists of a UV-C treatment of the water. Floating algae and germs are killed by the ultraviolet radiation.
The result is clear and healthy pond water.

Fountain and waterfall / stream walk
There are 3 attachments included: spray nozzle single, spray nozzle double and the water bubble. And a waterfall / stream connection.

LED mood lighting with day / night sensor
When darkness falls, the LED lighting automatically becomes active and during daylight the lighting switches off again.

The filter with built-in pump and UV-C is very easy to install.

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