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Quality marks / SSL


There has been much attention in the media about security at online stores and in particular the safety of your data. Koi and Pond Centre of the Netherlands since the beginning of time advocate for increased safety in the country shop and try yourself always using the latest insights and techniques to you without you see it, to provide the best security. Not only the website is important, the way in which it is hosted. We are very pleased that both the media and the Thuiswinkelorganisatie focuses more attention on.

SSL secure

SSL secure

Even though your data and even ask to be kept under lock and key! Because everything behind an SSL connection is established, your information can not be misused. In practice, no less than 90% are shop has not properly secured, we are doing everything!

So no one has access to your data and even'm already sent encrypted traffic from your computer to our site. This is in the pond industry Koi and Pond Centre Netherlands Website Netherlands the most secure website!