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The Collateral

Why we must convince you. 
Why we are different. 
Why we are open 364 days a year (Store).
Why we do what we promise.


More than 5,000 people are you gone before and actually we do not need to convince you not, however we offer you these 8 certainties.

  1. Fast delivery

  2. Beste service
  3. You get what you ordered
  4. Competitive prices
  5. Always answer your questions
  6. Large stocks
  7. Safe storage of your customer data
  8. Secure payment

And actually, it's much more than 8 securities can only be listed, we will also not everything below some of our points.

For example, fish feed what always fresh is by the large circulation speed. Bacteria that from the factory be stored with us at a minimum temperature of 14 degrees. You are buying from us so a product that is fresh and works!

Beyond that, you get what you ordered a package with us and will always be packed with the utmost care.

Because we are larger than an average company in Netherlands and open all year round are the orders will be processed daily. No, you need not to wait with us because we are at a customer a pond to maintain and no, you don't have to wait because there is no one during the day.

No, we are different and work with a team to daily all orders in a correct and neat way to process.


You will always get a receipt with your order confirmation, an update if this is taken, pending an update if it is sent and a separate email with your track and trace number so you can track the package.


Are you convinced?


We have a service page where you find answers to your most frequently asked questions. The answer is not listed then you can e-mail to us at [email protected]

* See our terms of delivery.

With over 8500 different pond products such as pond pumps, pond filter, pond foil and fish feed we can always.