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Who are we


Since 2012 we are after more than 10 years of experience started with the Online selling of pond pond products and related articles and with great success! This is something we are very proud and will continue. But only by a good service, fast delivery and competitive prices we can preserve this success. We try to make it for you, of course, as attractive as possible.

With an experience from early 90 's we can offer you a very professional advice. Questions can always be made without obligation, it just takes a phone call or send us an email. We will treat the email daily and you will receive always a feedback. Do you no response within 24 hours of us don't hesitate to because your mail might be blocked by a spam filter or for any other reason not arrived.

We would like that our customers always satisfied and continuously strive to to service to a higher level. If you have any suggestions, then you can always let us know.

Over the years, we have thousands of customers with their order. To view the customer satisfaction we have no area on the site where the reviews can be edited.


Since we have a very large inventory enables us to many of the ordered pond products always deliver very quickly. You may at 2.30 p.m. on Thursday afternoon ordered and that ordered pond products already delivered on Friday morning. We work together with PostNL (transport service) that can deliver your order very quickly by the major network what they have. Similarly, all deliveries after 99 of the 100 times within 24 hours of departure delivered in Netherlands and Belgium despite the liver duty of 48 hours! "We ship fast: within 24 hours after receiving your payment. That means we send your order the next day (within 24 hours). Order and you pay, for example, on a Monday, then the Monday or Tuesday sent (depending on the time) and you are the first following working day in the House! "


Because we our making and keeping the prices attractive and that without additional costs! All prices on the website are including VAT.

Please check regularly the offers on the site or special action weeks!


We provide not only a good service during the purchase but also after purchase if you have any right to our unique service. If there is a problem with a product you purchased together with you we always search for the best solution. Do you have questions about the product after purchase with, for example, the use of it, do not hesitate and set us the question also and we will quickly respond to your e-mail. Many customers have you gone before.

* See our terms of delivery.

Experience it for yourself.

We are therefore a little further in this section for so you know with whom you are in contact.

Name: Sijmen Krans
Function: Owner / Warehouse/ Support

[email protected]