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At Koi and Pond Centrum Netherlands can of course get the normal product warranty on your purchase and are of course all the rights and obligations of the consumer. These are also easily moved on ConsuWijzer website.

Your product has a defect?

Please send the product back to us with a copy of the invoice and a completed repair form, choose the appropriate warranty form with the product. The warranty form can be found at the bottom of this page.

Sometimes a component is replaced, sometimes you get a new one or we find another solution.

A guarantee gives additional rights to you as a buyer, but always for a fixed period and sometimes with certain conditions (determined by the manufacturer). You always need a receipt and must be the first owner of the product. Apart from these conditions loves Koi and Pond Centre of the Netherlands, of course, to your statutory rights, which we logically observe.

A few specifics:

  • For Oase and Messner pond pumps a money exchange warranty (if in stock) for all other goods is a warranty repair and are at the discretion offered by the importer.
  • Deliver a pond pump or other products to always clean when we need to clean it, the prevailing hourly wage (€ 45) will be charged.
  • Without consulting the bill, we can not assess whether the product from us is purchased and can be given no guarantee, but the invoice, you will always get back in your account here on the website! Again, this is an extra service from our side.
  • For repairs outside the warranty period will advance to receive a quotation from us.
  • The cost of the return shipment, we can not compensate, but we bear the costs for returning the repaired or replaced product.
  • Warranty does not cover wear onderheven components such as pump rotor, rubber seals and bearings.
  • Electrical appliances such as pond pumps, air pumps and the like of which the original molded plug is removed out of warranty. This is because the water resistance of the product no longer meets the legal requirements.

For lamps following conditions apply.

Although all the lamps have been tested previously, there is always the possibility that the lamp earlier stops burning. The lifetime of lamps is dependent on several factors, such as environmental vibration on and off the lamp, power surges, impacts and development of heat in the unit. For these reasons, we can not guarantee the replacement lamps supplied by us. Which of course immediately upon arrival, we do offer warranty on lamps are not working or broken. Therefore we ask you to check the spare lamp upon receipt. If a lamp is not working or is delivered broken you can make this known within 48 hours after receiving an e-mail. We provide a suitable solution.


If you have a faulty device, enter completely into the appropriate repair form.We have a repair form pond pumps, air pumps and other items.Send it together with the product and the sales receipt to us.

Repair form (pond) pumps

Repair form air pumps

Repair form other articles


You can return the product to:

Koi and Pond Centre Netherlands
Attn. dept. Return and Warranty

Westerveen 16
9751HW Haren (Gr)