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Vivani japan mix 6 mm 15 kg

Vivani japan mix 6 mm 15 kg

JAPANESE MIX is a mix of no less than 8 types of professional koi food with about 4% sinking food in it!
This mix contains everything your koi needs for a good and healthy growth and for a beautiful color pattern. Contains special ingredients that can stimulate the immune system of the fish. In addition, the food is enriched with prebiotics and probiotics to keep the intestinal flora of your koi optimal. Water pollution and discoloration of the pond water is minimal with this feed.

fishmeal. wheat. soy (dehulled toasted). wheat gluten. fish oil. wheat germ. corn gluten rapeseed oil. alfalfa. spirulina. krill flour. palm oil. squid meal. yeast. paprika. antioxidants.

Crude protein 36.0%, Crude fat 7%, Dietary fiber 2.7%, Ash 7.6%, Moisture 7%, Carbohydrates 25% (of which sugars 2.5 grams), Phosphorus 1.08%, Calcium 1.4%, Sodium 0.2%.

A - 20,368 IU (IE) kg, D3 - 2,527 IU (IE) kg, E - 282mg / kg, C - 482 mg / kg.

E161j (astaxanthin 19 mg / kg)

Trace Elements:
E1 - 61 mg / kg. 3b202 - 5.1 mg / kg. E4 - 5.1 mg / kg. E5 - 20 mg / kg. E6 - 65mg / kg

At a water temperature above 13 degrees, you can feed JAPANESE MIX several times a day.
At a lower water temperature we recommend feeding Wheat Germ. Never feed more than the fish can eat in 5 minutes.

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