VT Premium skimmer

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VT Premium skimmer

A pond with a clear water surface is not only beautiful, it also reduces soil pollution and algae development. Prevent feed debris, leaves and twigs from contaminating the surface. This organic material is a food source for algae, so you want to get rid of it.

This stand skimmer sucks the water surface of the pond constantly with the help of a pond pump (not supplied). The dirt is collected in a container that can easily be rinsed. The floating collection tray automatically adjusts to the water level (+/- 8 cm).

Easy to stabilize by weighting the base with stones. And can be placed straight on almost any surface (max 15º). The skimmer has a variable height of 35-90 cm, which can be extended if necessary with extra tubes of 17 cm (art. No. 146057).

We recommend using a pond pump with a capacity of 4000 - 20,000 l / h to keep a pond surface of 8 - 40 m² clear.

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